YET another piece of artwork has appeared in the town in what appears to be a nod to Banksy's mural on Reading Gaol.

The artwork can be seen above Boots on Caversham high street.

The black and white piece appears to be of painter Bob Ross. Some people think this is in reference to the announcement of the confirmed Banksy artwork on Reading prison.

Earlier this month, Banksy confirmed that he had created the mural on Reading Gaol which showed a prisoner escaping from the prison using a rope of bed sheets tied to a typewriter.

It prompted many to link the image to famous inmate Oscar Wilde.

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The elusive artist uploaded a video of himself creating the work to his verified social media page on Instagram seemingly signalling the Reading mural to be his own work.

The video was a take on the 1980s instructional TV show The Joy of Panting with Bob Ross *with Banksy.

It showed, under the cover of darkness, how the artist created the incredible image on the prison wall using his iconic stencilling.

The new piece of artwork in Caversham

The new piece of artwork in Caversham

The video used the voice over from Bob Ross, as you can also hear sirens in the background and cars seemingly passing by the prison as it is being created.

A voice over says 'Painting to me represents freedom' as drone footage continues to show the image on the side of Reading Prison wall, and shows two police officers inspecting the image.

Banksy dubbed the image 'Create Escape'.

Since then, the mural has been defaced with red paint.

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The typewriter was painted over and the words 'Team Robbo' appeared under the artwork.

The Ministry of Justice, who own Reading gaol, have since placed a fence around the piece to protect it.

Another piece of artwork appeared on Reading Bridge of a typewriter similar to that on the side of the prison.

This was also defaced with the tag 'Team Robbo'.

However, another Banksy style piece has appeared above the typewriter with the words 'Cherish Love Hope' and an image of a boy.

A resident passing by took photos of the mural and spotted an unusual name called 'Peachy'.

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The words Peachy is also seen embedded in the typewriter.

We cannot be certain whether 'Peachy' is the name of another street artist or if it is Banksy leaving people guessing.