AN engaged couple have taken on the challenge of transforming a delivery van into a "little tiny home" so they can travel the world together.

Chloe Moore, 24, and George Douglas, 25, live on the outskirts of Reading in Arborfield and have been working hard to transform a Citroen Relay into a camper van they can travel the world in.

The pair bought the 2010 van back in September 2020 and named it Remi.

They have been working to transform it into a mini home ever since and hope to be finished by early May.

The couple have been transforming the van

The couple have been transforming the van

Chloe explained: "We are building our van to basically be like a little tiny home.

"So, there will be all the comforts of a normal home in there.

"We will have a kitchen with a gas hob, sink and fridge.

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"A double bed, composting toilet, solar shower (this hangs up on the back of the van).

"We also have two seats and a pull-out table that slides out from under the bed.

"We have made sure we have lots of storage, so we have lots of cabinets and drawers and even a little secret hatch under our bed for all our dirty washing."

The couple have been transforming the van

The couple have been transforming the van

The couple explained they have bought a lot of things second hand to save on costs including the worktops, the sink and seat cushions which they made from a memory foam mattress and lots of reclaimed wood.

As they both have full time jobs, they have been working on the project every evening and weekend.

Chloe said the pair have "dreamed of van life for many years".

She added: "We wanted to be able to have the freedom to go where we want, to be as close to nature as possible and live life off-grid as much as we can.

"We always knew we would do it someday and I guess Covid did play a bit of a part in it where it really made us think how precious life is and you need to grab it with both hands!

"Last year was a very difficult year for us, just like for everyone else, and with that it made us think about what is really important to us and how we really want to spend our days on this Earth!

"So, we both just thought ‘if we don’t do it now, we never will’!"

The coupl have been transforming the van

The couple have been transforming the van

George revealed they have big plans to travel around Europe and discover more of what the UK has to offer.

He said: "There are so many beautiful places on our doorstep that we have never been to."

With current travel restrictions in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the couple are hoping to set off on their Europe trip sometime next year.

For now, they said they will be doing trips around the UK.

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Whilst transforming the van, the pair have been running an Instagram account (@livingslownwild) and YouTube channel (Living Slow ‘n Wild) where they have been documenting their journey.

The couple have been transforming the van

The couple have been transforming the van

Chloe said: "We are loving documenting our build so much and it’s been great to be able to create videos where we show our viewers what it’s really like to convert a van.

"At first, we were a little nervous to talk to a camera as it felt a little strange.

"But now we love it and it’s such a fun creative outlet. It will also be so lovely to watch our videos back in years to come!"

Speaking about the build, she said: "We just want to say that if you are thinking of doing this as well, then do it!

"If we can do it, then so can you! Life is too short to not do what you dream of.

"We still pinch ourselves every day that we are actually doing this because for a while it seemed impossible. But you really can do it!"