A plan for a takeaway restaurant in an area known as an anti-social behaviour hotspot has been refused.

The council said there was a lack of sufficient evidence submitted by the applicant to support the plan at 56 Christchurch Road.

Concerns had been raised by residents about anti-social behaviour, as well as other issues, with student behaviour having been a concern for many years.

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The nearby bus stop at Christchurch Green has been a hotspot for anti-social behaviour in recent years, with the university implementing a street warden scheme focused on dispersing students in this area.

The unit at 56 Christchurch Road, described as “shabby” by officers, was previously a tool hire shop but has been vacant for more than 15 years.

The applicant did not say what type of cuisine would be served at the takeaway restaurant.

Reading Borough Council (RBC) officers refused the plan because the applicant did not submit:

  • Details of what extraction equipment would be used and where it would be
  • A delivery and servicing plan, setting out how vehicles would access the unit without creating safety concerns and congestion
  • An assessment of the likelihood of odours based on the proposed cuisine and a statement of how odour nuisance will be prevented
  • An acoustic assessment to assess the noise impact on neighbours
PICTURED: The unit has been vacant for more than 15 years

PICTURED: The unit has been vacant for more than 15 years

Officers said the lack of extraction equipment details was a “crucial” issue.

Case officer Tom Hughes said: “Without specific details being provided, officers cannot be satisfied that the level of noise generated will not cause significant harm to neighbouring amenity.

“It is very likely that any equipment would be sited close to the upper floor windows of the existing flat, with a direct impact to occupiers.

“This is a crucial issue that must be addressed before any positive determination of the application.”

The application was objected to by more than a dozen residents.

Councillors Jamie Whitham and Josh Williams had asked for the application to be considered at the Planning Applications committee if officers had recommended approval.

Previous plans for takeaways have been objected to by neighbours concerned a new takeaway would add to the anti-social behaviour issues.

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Residents in the area have reported people vomiting and urinating in residents’ gardens, chanting and screaming until 3am and leaving cans of beer and pizza boxes on the streets.