A fine has been issued and the council is considering further action against residents who have dumped waste on a residential street near Oxford Road.

The rubbish, which includes a mattress, has been dumped on Rylstone Road, despite a sign warning of a maximum £50,000 fine.

Concerns were raised by Peter Small, who lives on the road.

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He said: “Outside our house and next to the pavement is a huge fly tip and growing every day.

“This is the last thing I see at night when I close my curtains and the first thing I see in the morning. What can I do to have this problem solved?

“It’s been going on for years! We have spoken to RBC who have done their best in the past, but of late action has been slow.

“One neighbour said they saw rats coming from the tip.”

No Tipping Sign

No Tipping Sign

A spokesman for Reading Borough Council (RBC) said the council is aware of the issue.

The spokesman said: “The recycling and enforcement team have already investigated and issued a fixed penalty notice against the persons we believe are responsible for dumping waste.

“The landowner has been contacted regarding their responsibility to remove the waste on their land, and if the waste is not cleared this week then formal enforcement action against the landowner will be considered.”

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Since January 2021, Reading Borough Council has issued 96 fixed penalty notices for dumped waste, including littering and fly tipping, and in that time has had 11 successful prosecutions for littering (small scale fly tipping).