Long-awaited plans to build over 150 homes in Newbury are about to take a big step forward.

There are plans for a “mixed use” 26,554sqm development on land in Faraday Road, which is currently occupied by an industrial estate.

The project, that includes 160 apartments, 330 car parking spaces, shops, offices, restaurants, an apart-hotel, and a car dealership was given the green light back in May 2009.

After several delays, developer Faraday Development Ltd now wants to press ahead with the project.

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It has agreed to complete the construction in five phases and ensure 48 of the new homes are affordable, but a completion date has not yet been set.

According to the plans, an access road that links the site to Kelvin Road will be built during phase one.

During the second phase, two apartment blocks containing 61 homes will be built on the northern section of the site.

Four more apartment blocks, offices, restaurants, shops, a car dealership and another access road will be built during phase three.

An apart-hotel and office block will be constructed during the fourth and final phase.

When planning permission was granted, West Berkshire Council imposed a condition which states the developer must provide a phasing plan that sets out when the affordable homes will be built.

According to the developer’s plan, those affordable homes will be built during phases two and three.

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This project is not part of the London Road Industrial Estate redevelopment and it does not affect the former Newbury Football ground on Faraday Road.

The plans will be discussed when the council’s Western Area Planning Committee meets on Wednesday, March 17.