Campaigning politicians in West Berkshire will be knocking on doors and drumming up support for their parties during the third national lockdown.

Earlier this month, the government stated political campaigners are allowed to start canvassing ” in a Covid-Secure way” from March 8, ahead of the local elections on May 6.

It says individual campaigners are allowed to hand out leaflets and knock on doors, but they “should always be socially distanced and not enter people’s homes”.

Campaigners are also being urged to wear face masks and wash their hands regularly.

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In West Berkshire, political parties are looking to win seats on Lambourn Parish Council, Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council, and Newbury Town Council during the elections in May.

Liberal Democrat campaigners will be on the doorsteps this week, but Conservative and Green Party campaigners have decided to wait.

Andy Moore, Chair of the West Berkshire Liberal Democrats, said: “Staying in touch with residents, listening to, and acting on, their concerns is at the heart of what Liberal Democrats believe in.

“Over the next few months, we will ensure that all our campaigning follows government guidance, including the wearing of face masks, using hand sanitiser between doors and keeping gatherings of groups to an absolute minimum.

“We also understand that many people are still shielding, and so if you would rather we did not knock on your during the pandemic, please let us know.”

A Conservative spokesman said: “We are planning on resuming some Covid-secure deliveries at the end of week commencing March 15, followed by resuming canvassing from week commencing March 29.”

Cllr David Marsh, from the Green Party, said: “The last thing people want is a politician coming round and knocking on their door.

“People are still concerned about the pandemic.”

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He added: “We think it would be quite inappropriate to go banging on people’s doors at the moment, but it might happen later in the campaign.”

He said the party will begin handing out leaflets next week and may look to begin canvassing in the coming weeks, when more restrictions have been lifted. 

Newbury Labour Party has been approached for a comment.