THE family of a police officer who suffered life-changing injuries at the hands of a 'dangerous' lorry driver has spoken out after his sentencing.

Andrei Stan, of Romania, was sentenced at Reading Crown Court on February 25 after the serious crash which happened on the A4 Bath Road in 2019.

The court heard how the 35-year-old driver was attempting a U-turn on the unlit rural road on February 27, 2019, about 11.40pm.

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It was dark and foggy and HGV - carrying a shipping container - was across the carriageway for 51 seconds.

In this time, PC Matt Midwinter and PC Kieren Baker, of Thames Valley Police, were travelling in a marked police vehicle along the national speed limit road towards Hungerford.

They struck the HGV and as a result both suffered significant, life-changing injuries.

Mr Midwinter’s injuries are such that he will require long term 24/7 care and rehabilitation. Mr Midwinter was married and has three triplets aged 16 months at the incident time.

Andrei Stan, aged 35, of Romania, was convicted and sentenced at Reading Crown Court

Andrei Stan, aged 35, of Romania, was convicted and sentenced at Reading Crown Court

His wife Claire said: "On February 27, 2019, my husband left for work that evening, blowing me a kiss goodbye whilst I dozed off to sleep and neither of us knew the events that were about to unfold only a few hours later, that would change so many people's lives forever.

“My husband has a life-long injury that he, myself, and our young triplets, will have to live with the consequences of. Matthew has a severe brain injury and there is a long rehabilitation journey ahead for our whole family.”

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Mrs Midwinter also thanked colleagues and friends at Thames Valley Police for their support since the crash.

The family are now calling for greater awareness of such dangerous manoeuvres when driving an HGV.

Matthew Claxson, partner at Moore Barlow representing the Midwinter family, said “This terrible collision highlights the vital need for drivers of large vehicles to be aware of everyone else on the road.

"It is imperative that all road users find the safest place possible to carry out any turning manoeuvres.

“We hope that lessons are learned from the collision and all road users are reminded of the importance of safety when operating a vehicle.”

Stan was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison after being found guilty of two counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.