ANY major Covid update from the government often sees an immediate reaction online, often with entertaining depictions of the thoughts of the people around country.

Memes have been created in the hundreds since the pandemic, with people using them as a humorous outlet for the difficult situation.

They often provide some light relief and are shared by thousands across Twitter, Facebook and more.

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Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson's latest announcement earlier this week, where he informed the public of the government's hopes to have everything - including nightclubs - back open by June 21, the internet did not fail to deliver some hilarious responses.

With an official date given as a Covid "finish line", people flocked to Twitter to share some fresh memes.

We asked Chronicle readers what their favourites were.

Jenny Lawton responded with a comical visual showing Ant and Dec communicating with Boris Johnson and telling him to inform the public that pubs would be open but would not serve alcohol - a nod towards their popular segment on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, 'Get out of me ear'.

Ant and Dec meme

Ant and Dec meme

Responding to The Chronicle's question on Twitter, an account fittingly called 'How long until June 21st?' sent a video showing someone dancing outdoors, with the caption "When my boss calls to see where I am on June 21st".

Others making the rounds include a photo showing a chaotic scene, captioned: "A postcard from the future, some point early on June 21st".

Other viral tweets depict Covid as being seemingly unbeatable.

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But most simply show the public's general feelings of relief that the end is hopefully in sight.