The developer looking to build 265 new Tilehurst homes say there is a “highly unusual” level of support for the project.

West Berkshire Council, which has been asked to grant planning permission for the project, has received 235 letters of support so far, but more than 1,620 objections.

U+I Pincents Lane Ltd wants to build the 265 homes and a GP surgery on a patch of green space that is just off Pincents Lane.

According to the plans, it also wants to create a 22 acre public park and plant enough trees to create a 20-metre wide ‘woodland buffer’ between Tilehurst and the new housing estate.

The company has promised to ensure 106 of the new homes are affordable and provide £1 million that can be invested in local infrastructure.

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Many supporters say they are being priced out of Tilehurst and this project will provide much-needed affordable housing.

But objectors claim popular green space will be lost and the development will put a huge strain on local schools, roads and other infrastructure.

Jonny Anstead, director of the parent company U+I Town, said: “Having over 200 residents write in support is a welcome endorsement of our plans and highly unusual for any major application in West Berkshire.

“It shows that we have listened and responded to public feedback. We have reduced the number of homes by 65 per cent from 750 under earlier proposals down to 265, thereby reducing the overall density by 25 per cent.

“This has enabled us to give over more than half of the site, 22 acres new public park.

“Public access, currently limited to rights of ways across the site, will be opened up massively.

“In addition, this new public park will be gifted to the community and safeguarded against future development forever.

“Our plans will give residents access to homes that meet their needs, with the huge benefit of being able to stay in Tilehurst close to family and friends.

“We will deliver 106 affordable homes with a mix of shared ownership and below market rent properties, as well as 30 homes designed for older people as well as self and custom-build homes.

He added: “We are pleased that the local Wildlife Trust has verified our ecologist’s report which states that our plans will enhance the site’s biodiversity.

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“It is important to us that the wildlife, plants and trees can all flourish and connect with wider natural habitats.

“The new public park will be safeguarded forever for the wider community’s enjoyment as well as for future residents of our scheme.”

The council is still considering this application and a council spokeswoman said a decision is due to be made at a public meeting “at the end of March or beginning of April”.

In 2009, plans to build 750 homes, a hotel and shops on the site in Tilehurst were rejected by the council.