FROM pasta dishes to pizzas and garlic bread, Italian restaurants serve a variety of dishes.

We asked our readers where the best Italian restaurants are in the area.

Here's what they had to say.


Quattro Italian Restaurant, Prospect Street This independent restaurant in Caversham is a family run business that has been around for more than 30 years, according to its website. It serves fresh pasta, gourmet pizzas and a range of meat and fish dishes. According to their website it's been open for takeaway from January 6.

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Cozze Restaurant, Caversham Road

Cozze in Caversham

Cozze in Caversham

There is a Cozze Restaurant in Caversham, Woodley and also Pangbourne.

The restaurant's website explains customers can order a takeaway online.

Papa Gee, Prospect Street

Papa Gee in Caversham

Papa Gee in Caversham

Papa Gee in Caversham serves a range of food including pasta dishes, sourdough hot sandwiches, pizzas and desserts.

Pepe Sale, Queens Walk

Pepe Sale is an Italian-Sardinian restaurant in Reading.

Nino's Trattoria, Reading Road

Nino's Trattoria's Facebook page explains it is an independent, family run restaurant in the heart of Pangbourne.

The page also says it is offering customers a takeaway service during lockdown.

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The Don Beni, Winkfield Row

The Don Beni, Winkfield

The Don Beni, Winkfield

Don Beni has restaurants in Crowthorne, Windsor and Eton and Winkfield.

Pizza World and Charcoal Grill Bracknell, Priestwood Square

Pizza World and Charcoal Grill takeaway offers customers pizzas, kebabs, burgers and fries.

Pizza Hut, Skimped Hill Lane

Pizza Hut is a restaurant chain with stores around the country.