AS the town continues to face restrictions of the third national lockdown, we have rounded up the latest case numbers to show how rates are improving in Reading.

A spread of different colours a few months ago, the Government's Covid-19 map showed almost the whole of Reading as a sea of purple and dark purple in recent weeks, indicating that the rolling rate for each postcode was above 400 or 800 respectively.

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But now some locations are once again showing as blue, indicating a lower rate of 200 or less.

A few areas in the town though are now being represented by light blue (a rating of less than 200) or even green (a rating of between 10 - 49) and less.

The map's latest figures show the seven-day rolling rate up to February 5.

Covid 19

Covid 19

The following areas have recently recorded rates of less than 100

Leighton Park

Total: 8 cases during the week

Difference: Decrease of 19 from previous week

Rate: 83.8

Wokingham Road

Total: 8 cases during the week

Difference: Decrease of 32 from previous week

Rate: 98

Tilehurst South

Total: 7 cases during the week

Difference: Decrease of 37 from previous week

Rate: 94.8

Burghfield Common

Total: 5 cases during the week

Difference: Decrease of 6 from previous week

Rate: 84

Covid map

Covid map

Cases across the town are starting to drop, and infection rates in all areas have seen a decrease.

Seven–day rates are expressed per 100,000 population and are calculated by dividing the seven day count by the area population and multiplying by 100,000.

To view the map and check your address, click here.