ONE month into the third national lockdown, Covid cases and rates are slowly but surely decreasing in Reading.

We have rounded up the latest case numbers to show the areas currently recording the fewest cases.

A spread of different colours a few months ago, the Government's Covid-19 map showed almost the whole of Reading as a sea of purple in recent weeks, indicating that the rolling rate for each postcode was above 400, with most postcode areas around the 650 mark.

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But now some locations are once again showing as light blue, indicating a lower rate of 200 or less.

The map's latest figures show the seven-day rolling rate up to January 28.

PICTURED: Covid stock image

PICTURED: Covid stock image

The areas recording lower rates include:


Total: 17 cases during the week

Difference: Decrease of 20 from previous week

Rate: 173.2

Sonning and Woodley North

Total: 15 cases during the week

Difference: Decrease of 1 from previous week

Rate: 195.3

PICTURED: Covid rates map

PICTURED: Covid rates map

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Caversham Balmore Park

Total: 13 cases during the week

Difference: Increase of 3 from previous week

Rate: 162.5