A LOCAL pub has been serving hot meals to hospital staff recently, hoping to show appreciation for their work.

Staff at The Hatch Gate pub/Burghfield Spices, Burghfield, have been preparing takeaway curry meals for staff at the ICU unit at Royal Berkshire Hospital.

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As of this week, a total of 500 meals were donated to the Royal Berkshire Hospital and Prospect Park Hospital.

Mashiur Rahman Buddy, The Hatch Gate owner, said: "There’s nothing more rewarding for us than preparing first meals of the week for our heroic NHS staff.

"We’re extremely honoured to have fed the Ambulance Staff and Nurses at Royal Berkshire Hospital their lunch.

Reading Chronicle:

"From the size of our business we may not be able to do anything Bigger, but we wish we could.

"This is just a small recognition of the incredible work our NHS staff are doing during the current crisis."

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Mr Buddy also detailed that this is now going to be a weekly occurrence, with the next shipment of food to be delivered on Thursday, January 28.

He added: "Thank you for all the amazing work you are doing. I can't imagine how tough things are for you at the moment.

"Whilst it may not be much, I hope this donation will recognise the extremely hard work you doing to save all of our lives and to put yourselves at risk.

"Your bravery, determination and selflessness mean you have my undying admiration. Big love and gratitude to you all!"

For more information, visit burghfieldspices.co.uk/.