WITH different children's parks now being shut down by authorities, the latest play area to be closed is a skatepark in Newbury.

Newbury Town Council made the announcement yesterday, January 18, detailing how the skatepark, in Victoria Park, Newbury, has been closed due to police pressure surrounding lockdown laws.

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According to the council, the Thames Valley Police (TVP) made requests to the council to close the site due to non-compliance with the latest social distancing rules. 

Cllr Martin Colston, Leader of the Council, said that the site has been "extremely busy" over the past few weeks, so much so that ensuring social distancing is being kept has proven "impossible."

He said: "We realise the value of outdoor recreation and the difficulties facing our youth during Lockdown and we have worked with users and partners in efforts to ensure the safety of all.

"However, we have reluctantly taken this decision, after petition from Thames Valley Police, to protect the community."

He added: "Please do not attempt to access the Skatepark at this time.

"We will re-open it again once the current restrictions have been lifted.

"We need to all that we can to keep everyone safe in these difficult times and we thank you for your co-operation”.

Victoria Park Skatepark is not the first of these sites to be closed, with a number of other play areas being closed across Reading and Wokingham too.

Woodford Park Children's Play Area, Woodley, was closed by Woodley Town Council after Thames Valley Police also raised similar concerns with them also.

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Residents of the area have shown mixed responses to this news, however it seems that the majority of parents in the area are in agreeance with the decision to close the park.

One commenter said: "I thought all the play areas had been closed during lockdowns because of the ways kids are all over each other when playing on the equipment and because of transfer of the virus off the surfaces, so I’m more surprised to find it was open to begin with."

Another commenter wrote: "I get the concern, but seems like overkill."

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