The council has once again revealed the streets and car parks in Reading where drivers have been fined the most for using a bus lane or parking incorrectly.

Each year, Reading Borough Council (RBC) releases a report showing the figures for every road and car park in the town along with the amount of money it has recouped.

The council raked in £2.6 million in bus lane penalties in 2019/20, which earned it £1.6 million in profit after expenses, and almost £2 million in parking fines, earning around £550,000 in profit.

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Other traffic-related activity saw the council raise £1.6 million profit from pay and display parking tickets and £583,000 surplus from resident parking permits.

The council made more profit in every area compared to the previous year except for pay and display.

The surplus has been used to fund measures including:

  • Concessionary bus passes on the ReadiBus service
  • Bridge repairs
  • Road safety schemes and CCTV
  • Street lighting

The report on 2020/21, which is likely to have much less fines, will come out next January.

Parking fines – top 10 roads

The most common reason for a parking penalty being issued was for parking in a space without a clearly displayed permit, voucher or pay and display ticket.

Topping the list is Oxford Road, with more than 4,000 fines.

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Parking fines are between £50 and £70 depending on the severity of the offence and this is reduced to £25/35 if paid within 14 days.

Oxford Road – 4,387

Addington Road – 2,383

Sackville Street – 1,495

Kings Road -1,364

Hills Meadow Car Park – 1,260

Howard Street – 964

Castle Street – 920

Cheapside – 914

Vachel Road – 913

Grange Avenue – 843

Bus lane fines – top 10 roads

Topping the list is Minster Street (westbound) with a whopping 14,795 fines.

Reading Borough Council has more bus lanes per mile of road than anywhere else in the UK.

The penalty for being caught in a bus lane is a £60 fine but this is reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days.

Minster Street (westbound) – 14,795

Friar Street (westbound) – 6,197

Beresford Road (northbound) – 4,476

London Street (northern section) – 4,346

St Marys Butts (northbound) – 3,621

Southampton Street – 3,126

Blagrave Street (east-to-west section) – 2,548

The Forbury (east/west section, westbound) – 2,553

Lindesfarne Way (westbound) – 2,306

Vastern Road (east side southbound) – 2,294