An 'aggressive' man who has links to illegal hunting has been banned from visiting parts of West Berkshire.

Mickey Smith, 36, of Sutton Lane, Slough, has been given a civil injunction in connection with anti social behaviour incidents across West Berkshire, as well as South Oxfordshire and Vale of the White Horse.

The injunction was issued on December 1 and is due to be in place for five years.

The injunction stops Smith from engaging in threatening, aggressive or intimidating behaviour towards any person.

He is also prohibited from being in possession of any item, offensive weapon or animal used for illegal hunting in an open space, and from associating in any activities linked to illegal hunting or poaching.

The injunction excludes him from entering the boundaries of the Vale of the White Horse and South Oxfordshire district councils.

Police said his behaviour has had a significant impact on the local community and has caused significant demand on police and other agencies’ resources.

Thames Valley Police said: "This injunction demonstrates a range of tactics available to the police to tackle rural crime and sends a clear message that this behaviour will not be tolerated."