TWO reports of bike thefts in the last week have led police to warn residents of a Reading neighbourhood.

The burglaries took place in Oxford Road and were reported to police last week, with the first taking place between Tuesday, January 5 at 11pm and Wednesday, January 6 at 2am in Sherwood Street.

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In this instance, an unknown offender forced open a shed door and stole a bike, while the next incident happened between 3pm on January 6 and 3pm on January 7 in Lima Court.

Again, an unknown offender forced open a garage door and stole a bicycle.

Thames Valley Police (TVP) advise residents to report any suspicious incidents, sightings or information to the TVP enquiry call centre on 101.

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The force are also encouraging people to check CCTV cameras, doorbell cameras an Dashcam.

The reference number for the first theft is 43210007496, and the number for the Lima Court burglary is 43210008125.