A LITTLE girl from Tilehurst is taking to the streets to pick up litter and help the environment.

Jenny Lawton is the mother of five-year-old Arrabella and explained her daughter watched a programme over the Christmas break about how litter can end up in the sea.

She said it showed how the litter affected animals such as turtles and Arrabella was "horrified".

After watching the programme, Arrabella came up with the idea to pick up litter in the community.

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Jenny said: "I thought it was an amazing thing for a five year old to come up with on her own."

She revealed she is "mega proud that she wanted to do something".

Arrabella has been going out into the community with her mum to collect litter.

Jenny said face masks have been found regularly as well as cans and receipts.

When Arrabella started to litter pick, Jenny posted a picture of her daughter on a local Facebook group and the post received more than 1,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Jenny has since set up a Facebook page called Tilehurst's Little Pickers so people can share their own children's litter picking efforts.

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Jenny said: "Even if a tenth of the people who liked the original post could do something it could potentially help.”