ANOTHER actor has thrown their weight behind the save Reading Gaol campaign.

Spooks actor Shazad Latif has released a statement in support of the campaign to turn Reading Gaol into an arts and heritage site.

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Mr Latif is known for his role in Star Trek: Discovery, Spooks and Toast of London.

He said: "My Mum and Dad met in Reading, many important moments in my life happened there.

"But one thing that never happened was the chance to go somewhere as a child, teenager or young adult to explore and learn about the theatre and our local history.

"The work that RABBLE and others are doing to see Reading Gaol transformed into a cultural hub - a place of self-development and artistic, creative discovery - is beautiful.

"Growing up, we always had to go to London for a world class cultural experience and so, to deny the people of Reading this opportunity now and to destroy a place of such historical import is to deny the entire region the opportunity to develop culturally, financially and spiritually."

Reading East MP Matt Rodda has been campaigning to save the prison site and turn it into an arts and heritage site.

He added: "The growing support for the campaign to Save Reading Gaol shows the importance of this unique building and its potential as an arts and heritage hub.

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“Many people will be moved by Shazad Latif’s evocative comment about his support for the gaol and his memories of Reading and I’d like to thank him for his support.”

Mr Latif is the latest of a number of actors, authors and critics who have shown support for an arts and heritage centre at the gaol.

Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer and actor Sir Kenneth Branagh expressed their support earlier this month.