RESIDENTS returned to the high street this week, following the introduction of the updated tier-based lockdown system, causing shoppers to flee to the high street for their Christmas shopping.

On Wednesday, December 2 - dubbed 'Wild Wednesday' - marks the first day of new Tier 2 restrictions in Reading, following the month-long national lockdown first announced on October 30.

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Reading Chronicle:

Ollie, who was Christmas Shopping in the Town Centre said: "I think the tier system is a good idea, as the infection affects some places more than others, and so a full lockdown would not be fair."

Reading Chronicle:

Pete Smith, shopping in the Broad Street Mall, said: "We should remain in lockdown really.

"I think we are likely to see another spike [in Covid-19 cases] at the end of the month, but at the same time it is also good to be able to get the Christmas shopping done.

"The lockdown just has to be controlled, that's all."

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Reading Chronicle:

One commenter, after watching the live feed earlier today of Reading on 'Wild Wednesday' (Click here to watch) said: "Not much social distancing going on there.

"Let’s hope they are mostly gone by the time I have to go into town to catch the bus after working at the hospital!"

Reading Chronicle:

Despite the overall busyness of businesses in town, there were a few closed spaces that stuck out.

One of these is Debenhams, which announced in spring that it would not be reopening once lockdown ended, and popular independent bar The Purple Turtle is expected to remain closed until early 2021.

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Reading Chronicle:

Social distancing measures could clearly be seen to be put in place, including arrow marks on the floor to direct pedestrian traffic, and hand sanitiser stations available at entrances and exits.

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