WE have all been in the situation where we're trying to find the perfect parking spot or have been with somebody else trying to.

It can seem like a struggle at times but Reading has been named as one of the UK's easiest places to park.

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All Car Leasing analysed a number of registered cars in the UK's biggest cities and towns versus the number of car parking spaces to reveal where it is easiest (and hardest) to find a parking spot.

The research found that Norwich is the easiest place for drivers to find a parking space with 6.2 cars per space.

Reading came in second with a total of 8,824 public parking spaces, 66,620 registered cars and 7.5 cars per space.

It was followed by Southampton which has 9.1 cars per space.

Birmingham was ranked the hardest place to get a parking spot with 51.5 cars per space.

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Edinburgh was second with 39.8 cars per space followed by Bradford with 38.8 spaces.

London ranked in seventh place with a total of 107,853 public parking spaces, 2,661,026 registered cars and 24.7 cars per parking space.