SANTA will be going past houses in Woodley and Earley on his sleigh this December to help spread Christmas cheer.

The Woodley and Earley Lions Club has arranged for Santa and his sleigh to go past houses in the area.

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Usually, the sleigh would stop at various places on route but due to the coronavirus pandemic it will not be able to do this.

Instead it will be travelling very slowly and the Club hopes as many children as possible will be able to see Santa.

The event is a chance for the Club to fundraise but there will be no door to door collection this year.

A spokesperson for the club said: "The Club's fundraising activities have been severely curtailed this year so any donations would be very welcome which can be done by visiting the website or Facebook."

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Full list of roads Santa will visit:

Monday, December 7:

Silverdale Road - 5pm

Lakeside - 5.20pm

Allendale Road - 5.30pm

Sevenoaks Road - 5.50pm

Radnor Road - 6.10pm

Repton Road - 6.30pm

Silverdale Road - 6.40pm

Tuesday, December 8:

Squirrels Way - 5pm

Loxwood - 5.20pm

Instow Road - 5.40pm

Chelwood Road - 5.50pm

Instow Road - 6pm

Springdale - 6.10pm

Highfield Ct - 6.30pm

Thursday, December 10

Selsdon Avenue - 5pm

Glendevon - 5.10pm

Lavenham Drive - 5.20pm

Brecon Road - 5.30pm

Walmer Road - 5.40pm

Bingley Gr. - 5.50pm

Telford Crs - 6pm

Brunel Drive - 6.10pm

Church Road - 6.20pm

Monday, December 14

Denmark Avenue - 5pm

Sandford Drive - 5.10pm

Duffield Road - 5.20pm

Rothwell Gardens - 5.30pm

Brandon Avenue - 5.40pm

Lunds Farm - 5.50pm

Welford Road - 6pm

Gemini Road - 6.10pm

Messenger Road - 6.20pm

Cornfield Road - 6.30pm

Denmark Avenue - 6.40pm

Thursday, December 17

Oak Drive - 5pm

Spruce Road - 5.10pm

Redwood Avenue - 5.20pm

Vauxhall Drive - 5.30pm

Austin Road - 5.40pm

Loddon Park - 5.50pm

Clover Rise - 6pm

Elm Drive - 6.10pm

Hawthorn Crs - 6.20pm

Jasmine Square - 6.30pm

Bluebell Crs - 6.40pm

All timings are approximate and depend on it being dry.

If it is raining, the sleigh will not be out.