A COUNCILLOR representing Earley Ward has called out Wokingham's MP for defending The Home Secretary Priti Patel, after claims of workplace bullying have arisen.

Claims against the Home Secretary have gained public interest following the PM's latest decision to allow her to keep her position, despite a Cabinet Office investigation showing that she had breached ministerial code by her actions.

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Cllr Clive Jones, Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems for the Wokingham Borough Council said: "I was astonished to find over the last few days that Wokingham, MP Sir John Redwood has defended and justified the bullying behaviour of Home Secretary Priti Patel.

"He waded into the political storm after Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Tory MPs its was 'Time to form a square around the Prittster.' Sir John seems to have been happy to help the PM.

"Sir John’s fulsome support for Mr Johnson and Ms Patel was delivered during Anti-bullying Week.

"Many residents will be horrified by the behaviour of these Cabinet Ministers and by Sir John's comments.

"Mr Johnson overruled the verdict of his independent adviser on ministerial standards, Sir Alex Allan, who found Ms Patel guilty of bullying and breaching the ministerial code of conduct. Sir Alex has since resigned.

"In former times such a verdict would normally result in a ministerial resignation or sacking.

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"However the Prime Minister defended Ms Patel’s behaviour, astonishing to many MPs – but not Sir John.

"The Wokingham MP instead robustly supported Mr Johnson’s actions, both on LBC radio and on his own Twitter account. On Twitter he wrote: “Well done the PM. Back your Home Secretary.

"Ignoring findings that the Home Secretary had bullied, had broken the ministerial code, and 'shouted and swore' at her staff, he insisted the decision not to sack her was justified.

"Many Wokingham residents will be horrified by this behaviour.

"If the Liberal Democrats were running Wokingham Borough Council we would show zero tolerance to this kind of bullying behaviour"

MP John Redwood has been contacted for comment.