AS the bizarre year that is 2020 slowly draws to a close, we have delved in to some crime statistics for the town to see which month was the most law-breaking.

We have looked at how much lockdown had an impact on crime in the town, and rounded up some stats from Police.UK to see how crime was impacted by one of the strangest and scariest periods.

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The latest data shows crime figures from October 2019 to September 2020.

From this, we can see that the latest month available, September 2020, has so far seen the most crime.

High crime months

1. September 2020

In September, 593 crimes were reported to police in Reading.

This is 10.4 per cent of all crime throughout the period.

2. February 2020

This may not be surprising considering that the country went into lockdown in March.

In February, 565 crimes were reported locally (9.9 per cent).

3. August 2020

By August, Reading, and the rest of the country, had already begun to ease out of the restrictions of the first lockdown.

The town saw 564 reported crimes in August (9.9 per cent).

Reading Chronicle:

Low crime months

1. April 2020

It makes sense that April this year saw less crime - it was the first full month of lockdown and arguably the month which had the most restrictions due to the pandemic as it continued to take hold of the world.

Throughout the town, 283 crimes were reported during April (5 per cent).

2. May 2020

Still in lockdown, Reading reported 365 crimes during this month (6.2 per cent).

3. June 2020

In June, the government were beginning to end some lockdown restrictions.

But this didn't seem to cause a sudden spike in crime, as 373 reports were made in this month (6.5 per cent).

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Throughout this period, the most common five crimes reported in Reading were:

1. Violence and sexual offences (1,785 - 31.2 per cent)

2. Antisocial behaviour (610- 10.7 per cent)

3. Other theft (496 - 8.7 per cent)

4. Shoplifting (496 - 8.7 per cent)

5. Bicycle theft (421 - 7.4 per cent)