Case numbers have risen in Reading and are now at their highest rate since the beginning of the pandemic, with 59 cases in just one day last week.

Meanwhile, in West Berkshire, Covid case numbers have fallen for the first time in two months, and Wokingham has seen a drop in case numbers after a big spike the week before.

And in Bracknell, case numbers have stayed low, falling this week after a small rise last week.

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Wokingham now has more cases in the last week than in Reading, according to the latest figures, two weeks into lockdown 2.0.

Following last week’s dig into case numbers over the past two months, this week we look at the state of play ahead of lockdown 2.0 finishing next week.

The latest figures are for November 11-17.

Note: We only looked at data until November 17 because the data is from the specimen date and this is incomplete for the most recent dates.

Also, while Reading’s cases are at their highest since the beginning of the pandemic, this is partly due to the increase in testing in recent months.

Covid cases in the last week

Looking at the most recent week with full data (November 11-17) in Reading, there were 262 cases, a rate of 162 per 100,000 people.

This compares to 234 cases in the week before, a rate of 144.6 per 100,000 people, and sees cases rise again after the first drop in two months.

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In comparison, Wokingham’s cases – which rocketed up by 159 last week – have now fallen back down, with 204 in the last week, a rate of 119 per 100,000.

Cases in the most recent week (November 11-17), were as follows:

Reading: 262

Wokingham: 204

West Berks: 176

Bracknell: 140

The week before (November 4-10) that, they were:

Reading: 234

Wokingham: 251

West Berks: 195

Bracknell: 152

In West Berkshire, there were 176 cases in the last seven days – with a rate of 111 – another drop in cases compared to the previous week.

The week before West Berkshire had 195 cases– a rate of 123.

There has also been a drop in Bracknell, with 140 cases in the last week and a rate of 114 per 100,000, compared to 152 cases and a rate of 124 the week before.

How case numbers have changed over the last three months – a timeline

Here is a look at how case numbers have changed since September.

September 2-8

Reading started the first week of September with the most cases, with Bracknell just behind.

Reading: 35

Wokingham: 21

West Berks: 11

Bracknell: 27

Sep 9-15

Figures fell in all four areas except Bracknell.

This week had the lowest number of cases of any week in the last two months, with 64 cases across the four authority areas.

Reading: 12

Wokingham: 15

West Berks: 10

Bracknell: 27

Sep 16-22

All four local authorities had very similar case numbers to each other this week, with Bracknell going from having the most cases to the least.

Reading: 30

Wokingham: 30

West Berks: 28

Bracknell: 25

Sep 23-29

Until this week’s figures, this was the last time Wokingham had more cases than Reading.

Reading: 46

Wokingham: 56

West Berks: 40

Bracknell: 24

Sep 30 – Oct 6

Reading’s numbers grew by almost 60 cases during this week, taking it back above Wokingham.

Reading: 103

Wokingham: 82

West Berks: 79

Bracknell: 65

Oct 7-13

Reading and Wokingham had a similar number of cases in this week, while West Berks remained largely the same and Bracknell’s increase slightly.

Reading: 121


West Berks: 78

Bracknell: 71

Oct 14-20

This was the week saw the biggest increase in cases in Reading, going up by 59.

Reading: 180

Wokingham: 168

West Berks: 109

Bracknell: 110

Oct 21-27

This week saw Wokingham’s cases fall after rising for five consecutive weeks.

Reading: 194

Wokingham: 147

West Berks: 136

Bracknell: 130

Oct 28 – Nov 3

Cases went up in each area except for Bracknell during this week.

Reading: 250

Wokingham: 159

West Berks: 166

Bracknell: 126

Nov 4-10

This week saw Reading’s cases fall for the first time in eight weeks (since September 9-15).

Additionally, Wokingham’s cases surpassed Reading’s for the first time in six weeks (since September 23-29).

In Bracknell, after an encouraging drop in cases last week, case numbers went up again, while West Berks figures remained on an upward trajectory.

Reading: 234

Wokingham: 251

West Berks: 195

Bracknell: 152

Nov 11-17

In the last week with data, Reading’s case numbers have risen again – and to their highest level during the pandemic – while the other three areas have all seen a fall in cases.

November 16 was the day with the most cases in Reading, with 59.

All other areas saw case numbers fall.

Reading: 262

Wokingham: 204

West Berks: 176

Bracknell: 140

Figures are from the dashboard. Testing has increased over the last few months, which accounts for some of the increase in case numbers across the UK.