A COUNCILLOR has said that he 'would like to see' developments on the unofficial parking space below the A329 on a roundabout in Earley, making it safe for drivers to use.

Complaints of drivers parking at the 'unofficial' parking area underneath the A329 motorway bridge on Sutton Seeds Roundabout, Earley, were received by the Wokingham Borough Council in early October, stating fears that entering and exiting the area is not safe for other drivers.

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A spokesman for the Wokingham Borough Council said: "The Wokingham Borough Council does not condone this irresponsible parking.

"Our traffic management team are still looking at a number of opinion in regards to this issue.

"This will involve consultation with residents as well as local police and neighbouring authorities and we are therefore not currently in a position to offer an update on our previous statement but will do so in due course."

Despite this, a local councillor has said that if the area can be made safe to access and leave, it 'would be a good idea.'

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Cllr Andy Croy, Councillor for the Wokingham Borough Council and Labour representative for the Bulmershe and Whitegates Ward, said: "There are issues with parking, and with safe entrances and exits.

"I know the council is particularly concerned about large vehicles in particular, as if they damage the bridge it can be really really expensive, but in terms of small family-type cars, there is an argument it can be done safely to be used as parking.

"The safety of other roundabout users, and the integrity of the bridge, has got to be taken into consideration however.

"There are car parking shortages in the area, but we don't want it to be used as a free version of the park and ride for people to pop into Reading.

"If we have visitors, for example coming to the Mosque, and they want to park there, it would be a good idea, rather than on the residential streets nearby which is what happens at the moment.

"We also see students parking on residential streets, which inconveniences everybody.

"It seems to be there is a big chunk of land there that could possibly be safely used for parking - if that could be done I would like to see that."