THE University of Reading (UoR) produces some of the UK's highest-earning graduates, a new study has shown.

Research by Raisin UK has revealed the highest-earning graduates by university and course across the UK, and has placed UoR 14th on the list.

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Graduates earn an average salary of £29,175, and the university produces 1.6 per cent of the UK's highest-earning graduates.

The University of Oxford topped first place for an average graduate salary of £34,802, and produces 20.3 per cent of the UK's highest earners.

Data showed the universities at the other end of the salary scale were Abertay University, with an average earning of £21,228 and University College Birmingham, with an average earning of £21,068, which also didn't produce any of the country's highest-earning graduates.

Creative, communications, and agriculture grads are least likely to earn more than £39k

When it comes to courses, only 3 per cent of graduates from creative arts & design, mass communications and agriculture degrees were earning more than £39,000 after graduating.

Reading Chronicle:

Whilst not usually on a trajectory as fast as those studying medicine for example, that's not to say the average earnings of these graduates hasn't improved over time.

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In 2020, the average salary of an art graduate is around £9,609 higher than it was in 2000, but if this would have grown in line with inflation it should be £9,633.