Leaders at the University of Reading (UoR) and Reading Borough Council (RBC) have expressed their “disappointment and shame” at reports that students may have attended an off-campus house party on the eve of new lockdown measures.

A house party was raided by police and organisers were fined £30,000 for breaking coronavirus restrictions on Wednesday evening.

More than 50 people were found at the Reading house party which was hosted on the eve of lockdown 2.0.

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Professor Robert Van de Noort said any student found guilty of breaking the law, or university rules, would face disciplinary proceedings, which can lead to expulsion from the university.

While Jason Brock, leader of RBC, urged “all residents to do the right thing for Reading”.

Professor Van de Noort said: “I am deeply disappointed and ashamed to hear that Reading students may have been involved in a house party near our campus that not only breaches then existing COVID-19 restrictions but which took place on the evening before a national lockdown.

“I can hardly believe that anyone in these circumstances could behave in such a selfish way.

“If it turns out that students were involved, then not only do they deserve to face the full weight of the law, their actions will also be investigated under our disciplinary processes.

“We simply will not tolerate behaviour that puts our whole community at risk.

“To be a part of the University of Reading means sharing our values of compassion, community and intelligence. This type of behaviour falls far short of these expectations.”

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He thanked the majority of students for their continued enthusiasm for learning, and care and compassion for others, adding: “I am proud of the way the vast majority of our students have responded to the coronavirus crisis by acting responsibly, volunteering to support charities, and by helping each other.”

Jason Brock, Reading Borough Council Leader, also expressed his disappointment, saying: “As the whole of Reading makes huge sacrifices to help contain the virus this is obviously very disappointing. We fully support both the police and the university in their actions.

“The council continues to work closely with the University and all partners, as we have done throughout, to try to help manage and reduce the transmission of the virus in the community.

“We know the majority of students are following the rules but, as always, I would continue to urge all residents to do the right thing for Reading by sticking to the rules through November and beyond.

“We must take the necessary precautions required of us all in order to keep everyone in our local communities safe.”