A pub could be shut down next week due to a series of violent incidents, including GBH, and high levels of drug use.

The Pheasant, on Southampton Street, will have its licence reviewed by Reading Borough Council’s (RBC) licensing committee on Tuesday, November 10.

Police asked for the review, raising “serious concerns” about reported drug use and fights involving bottles, knives, and reports of people being threatened with a bat with a spike attached.

More evidence has been released ahead of the hearing, including letters from members of the public detailing claims of drug dealing, underage drinking and large-scale fights.

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Thames Valley Police (TVP) conducted its latest drug swabs on September 9 and found high levels of cocaine and medium levels of MDMA in the pub’s toilets.

The police and the council’s licensing and environmental health teams have called for the licence – which is held by Admiral Taverns – to be revoked.

The environmental health team raised particular concern at the reported lack of social distancing or other measures to control the spread of Covid-19, while licensing officers highlighted an incident where a men was left with deep lacerations to his face as a result of being glassed as “one of many” incidents.

An unnamed resident from Whitley Street has written to the police, detailing the positive impact the reports by the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS) have had on the area.

They said: “I have read the article in the Reading Chronicle regarding The Pheasant Pub, I am a Whitley Street resident and remember many of the events and issues in the timeline.

“Since the article was published things have improved dramatically and our area has become peaceful again so I hope this continues.”

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The resident said a fight involving travellers was “particularly brutal” and 20-person fights had reportedly occurred on more than one occasion.

They also claimed large groups of young people often gather at the pub, many of whom appear to be underage.

“It’s unsettling to see so many young people over there crying, screaming, fighting, and throwing up in the street”, the resident said.

“I’m a parent myself and some of these girls look as young as 14 of 15 which is very worrying.”

They also raised concerns about suspected drug dealing in and around the pub’s car park and modified cars and mopeds racing up and and down the one-way street “doing stunts and showing off to crowds gathered in the car park”.

One thing missing from the timeline, according to the resident, was a night when youths gathered in the carpark setting off fireworks for over an hour, which was “very frightening”.

New evidence submitted by the police also includes one resident detailing their experiences of the pub in 2018, including claims that staff had acted inappropriately and fire doors were being propped open by fire extinguishers.

In another report from a resident a month later, they claimed: “Most weekends there’s a fight”.

A further claim in the following month talks of drug-taking and music “banging” until 5am.

The pub currently has a licence to open until 11pm Monday-Friday, and 10.30pm on Sundays.

You can watch the hearing by emailing julie.quarmby@reading.gov.uk and asking to attend.