THE number of people who have tested positive for coronavirus at the University of Reading now stands at more than 100.

The University of Reading's website has a Covid-19 dashboard which provides information on the number of positive Covid-19 test results reported to the university.

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The page is updated with the latest data each weekday morning.

Figures from Tuesday, October 27, show there are a total of 145 cases which is the running total of positive cases reported to the university by staff and students during the 20/21 academic year which began on September 28, 2020.

It includes cases that are no longer 'active'.

On Tuesday, October 20, there was a total of 79 cases.

The daily new cases which is the number of new Covid-19 positive test results reported to the University from students and staff in the previous 24 hours is 21.

The seven-day rolling total of reported cases is at 64.

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This gives an indication of the number of current 'active' cases.

The website also details what happens when a student or staff member tests positive and support and advice available for students who are self-isolating.