The police crackdown on Oxford Road shops continues, with a FIFTH store added to the list of off licences under review.

Thames Valley Police (TVP) has asked the council to review the licence of Butts Convenience Store, on 205 Oxford Road, saying the business has provided insufficient measures to ensure due diligence and promote the licensing objectives.

It says the shop has poor processes, including ‘non-provable’ training processes.

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The other four Oxford Road shops that are also currently having their licences reviewed by Reading Borough Council (RBC) are:

  • Today’s Express
  • K B Superstores
  • Anrish News
  • I&R Convenience

According to local community leader Peter Bowyer, the crackdown is due to historic anti-social behaviour problems such as “urination and aggressive begging”.

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The chairman of the Oxford Road Safer Neighbourhood Forum said: “Oxford Road and the surrounding streets have a history of problems with anti-social behaviour, much of which is attributable to the street population and coincides with alcohol and drug misuse.

“Problems such as rowdy and intimidating behaviour at all hours, aggressive begging and street urination are daily occurrences.

“The same individuals are regular customers of the drug dealers who operate overtly in our neighbourhood.”

TVP believe sales of super-strength cheap beers and ciders on Oxford Road is “fuelling incidents of alcohol related crime and disorder in the area”, and says it is “of extreme concern and a priority for the Oxford Road residents and community to resolve this issue”.

The council’s Licensing Applications sub-committee could hold hearings later this year or early next year to decide what action to take if there is no agreement beforehand.