In this week’s planning roundup, we focus in on three buildings in Reading which have been damaged by water or fire and the plans to repair – and in one case replace – them.

One of the plans was approved this week, while the other two applications were sent to the council this week for a decision.

Grade II listed building damaged after ‘escape of water’

A grade II listed building in the town centre was damaged after an ‘escape of water’ within the building.

College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, which occupies the building – 21 Castle Street – has sent a planning application to the council to repair the damage.

The water damage is mainly to internal rooms and originated from the second floor, consequently also affecting the front training room on the first floor, room 17 and 18 on the ground floor and the basement storage and kitchenette.

Historic materials – such as ceilings, wall linings, flooring, mouldings and joinery – will be temporarily propped, protected, and dried out and any unsalvageable materials will be replaced like for like.

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Works will also be carried out to the existing heating and plumbing system to make repairs and improvements.

The works proposed have been discussed with the local conservation officer and will be strictly followed to ensure the fabric of the building is repaired and where possible enhanced to suit its special historic character.

The property is part of a long line of historic asset properties with all of the buildings except the Magistrates’ Court listed.

It is therefore of significant importance as individual listed building and as part of the wider setting of the special character of the conservation area.

The three storey Georgian town house is within the St Marys Butts Castle Street Conservation Area and faces onto the junction along with the Magistrates’ Court and The Sun Inn.

Rebuilding plans after fire burns house near Oxford Road

A homeowner has applied to demolish part of their building after it was damaged by a fire.

The burnt section of the rear part of the building, which is on Pangbourne Street, will be demolished and rebuilt, along with construction of a front porch and internal alterations.

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Six-metre hole underneath the house: water-damaged Caversham property to be demolished and replaced

A property in Caversham will be demolished and replaced with another house after a water mains leak damaged it beyond repair.

Council planners this week approved the plans to demolish and replace the house on Kidmore Road.

The replacement house will have a similar appearance and form, with a slightly increased floorspace at ground floor level.

The homeowner says the replacement of the building is essential due to a water mains leak, which caused a six-metre hole underneath the house and significant subsidence.

They said the building is “condemned and remains vacant due to this structural damage”..

One neighbour had complained about the noise and disruption that would be caused by the development.

She said: “Frankly the residents of Sandcroft/Kidmore Road have had more than enough disruption in the last five years to last a lifetime.”