Memories from afar of Jennings

AS a former Caversham resident, now living in the US, I read in the Chronicle with sadness the imminent closing of Jennings Bros in Prospect Street, Caversham.

Back in the 60s, I’d take my recipe to Mr. Jennings and he’d advise me on the type of meat I needed. His recipe for pressed tongue followed me along my travels and has been passed to family and friends.

Over the years, the ladies of Caversham Baptist Free would gather in our home for fellowship and cooking demos. The Jennings Bros joined us on a couple of those occasions and talked to us about their craft, showed us charts and helped us better understand how to purchase and cook meat.

Those were the days when the postman called twice, the milkman made home deliveries and we enjoyed life at a less frenetic pace.

Nora Curran

Author of “Tapestry of a Life”