THERE'S not much more annoying than not being able top find a space to park.

You've probably faced that problem before, but did you know that Reading is one of the BEST places to get a parking spot?

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According to new research, the town is up at the top with the easiest places to park, coming second in a national list - losing only to Norwich.

The research analysed the number of registered cars in the UK's biggest cities and towns versus the number of car parking spaces, to reveal where it’s easiest (and hardest) to find a parking spot.

The research from All Car Leasing has ranked the top 10 places to get in the UK, with Reading having 7.5 cars per space.

Easiest places to get a parking spot:

Reading Chronicle:

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The research found that there are 8,824 parking spaces in the town, and 66,620 registered cars.