WOODLEY Town Council is looking to raise Council Tax, due to the Coronavirus.

In a letter to residents, the Woodley Town Council said: “Financial problems caused by Covid-19 mean that the town council is facing a difficult year in 2021/22.

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“To continue to deliver our services we need to increase the level of Town Council tax (the precept).

“We work for the people of Woodley and pride ourselves in providing good facilities and services for the town.

“We want to be able to continue to do this.

“If each household pays a little more next year, we should be able to protect the community of the town and keep its services and facilities for years to come.”

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The town council then provided a questionnaire on what residents are willing to pay.

The council was originally anticipating an income of around £763,000 from local facilities, but due to the coronavirus pandemic they say it "could be less than £200,000".

In an open communication to residents, the council say: "We will have to use a significant amount of our reserves to cover this shortfall, but need to increase the precept next year to cover the lost income and make sure have a safe level of reserves."

The Town Council payments are part of the Wokingham Borough Council council tax charges, so thousands of Woodley residents can expect a double increase next year.

Woodley TC is offering householders four choices about how much they are willing to pay though they do admit it depends on how the Covid-19 situation develops over the next few months.

Residents are being asked which option they would prefer via a consultation form which they are asked to return to the council at the Oakwood Centre in Headley Road before Monday, November 16 or there is the option of making their choice online at woodley.gov.uk/woodley-council-tax-survey.