"IRRESPONSIBLE" students in Reading have been warned that they are breaking the law after police were called to 'large gatherings' over the weekend.

Vice chancellor of the University of Reading (UoR), professor Robert Van de Noort, delivered a recorded message to students who had been flouting Covid-19 laws, which was posted on the university's social media platforms, to remind them that such behaviour is "unacceptable."

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He said: "I am very disappointed to see that some Reading students have been behaving in an irresponsible way, ignoring the clear 'Rule of Six'.

"Let me be clear: this kind of behaviour, in the middle of a pandemic that has cost thousands of lives, is completely unacceptable."

It comes as police were called to a number of incidents involving large groups over the weekend - examples of people going against the social distancing measures and the Rule of Six, which allows for no more than six people to gather.

The vice chancellor issued a clear warning to those who had been breaking the rules, and said: "I am proud of the majority of our students who I know are acting with great care and compassion for others.

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"For those of you who are not, or who think you can break the rules, I say please - think again.

"Think of your neighbours, your friends and your family.

"You are causing them great worry and could be putting other peoples' lives in danger.

"You're breaking the law and could be in trouble with the police - and you are putting your future at the University of Reading at risk."

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The post on Facebook read: "We all have a responsibility to look after each other during this pandemic.

"In the meantime, we're working to identify those involved, including several who we don't believe are UoR students.

"We will fully investigate these incidents and take appropriate action."