THAMES Water has said that areas in Reading still affected by the supply problems yesterday should see a return throughout the morning.

Parts of Reading, Calcot and Theale (RG30 and RG31 areas) are still being impacted by the loss of water supply that happened yesterday (October 6), leaving thousands of homes without throughout the night.

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An updated statement from Thames Water reads: "We've made improvements overnight and are now pumping water into the area following yesterday’s supply problems.

"Water should start to return to affected homes throughout the morning.

"We know how annoying and disruptive it is to have no water or low pressure, and we're very sorry to anyone still affected by these issues. "We're still working hard to improve the situation."

Some schools in Reading have also been forced to close today as a result of the supply issues.

a statement of Denefield School explains that, after being advised that the water supply to the school would return by 8am, this didn't happen.

It reads: "Therefore, for the health and safety of both students and staff, we are unable to open the school.

"Staff will be setting work for their classes on Show My Homework, and students can contact staff via email or Show My Homework.

"I anticipate that the water problems will be resolved today, and that the school will be open tomorrow.

"Once again, I apologise for this situation."

Brookfields School have also announced a closure for today, saying: "Over the last 12 hours, Thames Water have been attempting to restore the disrupted water supply to the RG31 area.

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"They have said that ‘improvements’ have been made overnight and ‘water should start to return to the affected (homes) throughout the morning’. However we do not have adequate water being supplied to the school today in order that we can operate safely for all.

"Unfortunately, we have had to make the decision to CLOSE the school TODAY. We have text all affected

"We hope to be open tomorrow (8.10.20)."