YET more residents have reported "chaotic" experiences of Covid-19 testing.

Following a month of disaster stories, including residents being sent all the way to the Lake District in order to get a test, more people are continuing to experience difficulties.

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One Reading mother said: "My daughter required a test. I went on website on Saturday [September 26] at 9pm to try.

"I was given Newbury but lost it while booking, so was then given Swindon, where I could have chosen any time for Sunday."

She then double-checked the next morning to see if she could book a slot in Newbury, but there weren't any available - as well as for Swindon, and the closest testing site offered was Bedford.

"I went to Swindon and there were about 10 bays - maybe more - available", she said.

"There was us and two other cars there, and by the time we left it was just us!

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"So the test centre had been showing no spaces but was empty and fully staffed, and that morning there were several posts from desperate people trying to get tests on my Facebook feed!

"Why can no one get tests when there are empty test centres?

"It is a joke - chaos."