A CAT adoption centre is looking for a special home for its longest stay cat who has now been in care over three times longer than usual.

Black-and-white Cassie had a sad arrival at Cats Protection’s Newbury Adoption Centre after the death of her owner, and has now been in care for 116 days.

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Cassie’s stay has been 82 days longer than most cats across the charity’s network of centres, who have taken an average of 34 days to be homed over the past five years.

The 10-year-old moggie had a matted coat and sore patches of skin when she arrived.

She had been mainly alone in her previous owner’s flat following his death.

Cats Protection said it is likely that a possible food intolerance and the stress of a sudden change in routine - as well as the loss of her owner - led her to over-groom and scratch herself.

Cassie has endeared herself to staff at the centre on Curridge Road in Thatcham with her loving nature and distinctive amber eyes.

Having had time to really get to know her, they feel she would be best suited to a quiet home with an owner who can give her lots of attention and playtime, as well as space to adjust and be calm when she needs it.

Deputy Manager Thea Eld said: “Cassie is such a lovely cat and we don’t understand why she hasn’t been snapped up.

"She’s a playful girl and really enjoys company after spending most of her life with a doting older gentleman.

"She has a really cute, squeaky meow and likes being chatted to, as well as following us around and inspecting what we’re doing when we clean her pen each day.

“It was extremely sad to hear that she had found herself suddenly alone when her owner died.

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"Before coming to us, she spent hours by herself in her previous owner’s flat with a kind family member popping in for occasional food and litter changes.

"This would have been fine for many of our independent cats, but Cassie had been used to plenty of one-to-one time with her beloved previous owner so we think the sudden change in routine and bereavement may have been extremely unsettling for her and it is likely the stress exacerbated her skin condition.

“Cassie is doing brilliantly now she’s on a hypoallergenic diet and we can’t wait to see her go to a home of her own where she can enjoy the kicker toys she loves so much and have the chance to get to know a new owner and settle into a routine.”

To find out more about offering a home to Cassie or any of the other cats at Cats Protection’s Newbury Adoption Centre, please visit www.cats.org.uk/newbury, call 01635 200 111 or email newbury@cats.org.uk.