PLANS to create an annual flower show in Earley are now awaiting approval, according to a local councillor.

An annual 'Earley in Bloom' event was proposed to residents on Facebook earlier last month, which garnered a largely positive response.

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Following this, the proposition to create the annual 'Earley in Bloom' event was put forth to the concil, and is now awaiting approval.

The verdict of which is to be confirmed in the next full council meeting on October 14.

Cllr Andrew Mickleburgh said in a post on Facebook, on September 23: "68 residents across our two local Facebook pages supported asking Earley Town Council to consider organising an annual Earley in Bloom competition, with none against!

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"Thank you to everyone who participated.

"I am pleased that, as a result of this poll, the Chair of the Earley Town Council Amenities and Leisure Committee has asked for this proposal to go onto the next committee agenda.

"So, hopefully, we will see even more of Earley in Bloom next year!"