POLICE action has been requested by a councillor after reports of speeding drivers verbally abusing staff at a primary school in Earley have been made.

Concerns were raised for children’s safety by parents after it was revealed cars were speeding outside of Hillside Primary School, Rushey Way, Lower Earley.

Drivers going past the school have reportedly been spotted driving clearly over the speed limit, and verbally abusing staff at the school.

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Cllr Andrew Mickleburgh, Lib Dem for Earley, said on Facebook on September 24: “School staff have been so concerned that, since the start of term, they have been standing outside their school during the morning and afternoon drop-off and pick-up times, holding up 20mph reminder signs. 

“When I visited this morning with [Cllr] Clive Jones, I was stunned by the number of vehicles I saw driving at more than 20 mph.

“I was also shocked at how difficult and dangerous it was for parents and children to cross Rushey Way. 

“A number of parents confirmed that they are really worried at how unsafe this section of road is.”

Cllr Mickleburgh also addressed concerns regarding poor parking in a nearby road, Hilmanton, which is causing traffic outside the school.

Suggestions to mediate the speeding concerns were proposed from Hillside school staff to Cllr Mickleburgh this week, including increased signage, such as more 20mph signs painted on the road, rebuilding speed humps, or installing a pelican crossing near the school site.

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Cllr Pauline Jorgensen, executive member for highways and transport, said she is already in discussions with school management, Mrs Nicci Morris, Hillside Primary School Headteacher, and other council members of staff to discuss these solutions.

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) staff were also contacted to see if they could provide patrols in the area, acting as a visible deterrent - According to the Cllr Mickleburgh, dates and times for this are in the process of being confirmed.