A POPULAR shop in Reading has closed its doors after the company went into administration in April.

Cath Kidston has closed its retail stores in the UK including on Broad Street.

However, the brand continues to operate online.

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We asked our readers what they would like to see replace the shop and we had a variety of responses.

One reader suggested it be a space for "independent local businesses like art's and crafts to make pop up shops".

They continued: "They get a chance to get their business out there, then there's always something different, a space to give local business exposure."

Another suggested an independent gift shop whilst one reader asked for a pet shop.

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A record shop was suggested by one reader who wants the business replacing it to be something "independent" and "interesting".

One reader suggested the building be turned into a "kids craft place" which charges a fee for sessions and includes material and a place where adults can sit have a drink.

This was supported by another reader who suggested it be a pottery painting place for children.

The idea of it becoming a ladies hairdresser was also suggested as was a butchers and green grocers.