A LONG standing party business in Reading is encouraging people to celebrate Halloween safely whilst supporting their business.

The director of Fun 'n' Frolic, Dan Parsons, revealed it has been "very very difficult" for business during the pandemic.

The store on Richfield Avenue reopened to the public in mid June and has gradually increased its staff and opening hours.

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As we approach Halloween, Mr Parsons is encouraging people to celebrate the holiday safely whilst adhering to government guidelines.

He said "we want people to be safe and stick to the rules" explaining people could celebrate within their bubbles or a group of six or less whilst social distancing as the rules currently allow.

However, he said people should not take part in trick or treating.

Instead he is encouraging people to take part in pumpkin trails explaining people put pumpkins in their windows or outside and groups such as bubbles of groups of six or less go to look for them.

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When children spot them, their parents or guardians then give them a sweet rather than knocking on the owner's door.

People looking to dress up can choose from "thousands of outfits" from the store including vampire, witch and werewolf outfits.

The shop is also selling Stranger Things outfits, killer clown outfits and Game of Thrones themed items.

Mr Parsons said: "It’s a very very difficult time for small businesses and we need all the help we can get."

He thinks Halloween is "more important this year" because "not many people have had much to celebrate".

He added people can "just have a bit of fun for a change".