THE mother of a teenage boy with cancer has spoken about the “scary” moment doctors couldn’t wake her anaesthetised son up following a scan.

Toni Ilsley flew to Mexico with her 13 year old son Charlie last week for a follow up scan to see if cancer treatment he received there in June has worked.

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Charlie had the scan on Friday (September 18) and Toni explained due to the length of the scan, he was anaesthetised.

However, she revealed “he had a reaction to the muscle relaxant and they couldn’t wake him up” describing the experience as “scary”.

Toni was due to fly home to England yesterday (September 23) and asked Charlie’s doctor to tell her the scan results once she is home.

Toni said: “I wanted to do that because I was so stressed with the muscle relaxant experience I didn’t want any more anxiety when it was just me and him.”

During their visit, Charlie and Toni stayed at a Mexican ranch which they have visited on previous trips.

The pair got to meet Ushi the ranch owner for the first time who Toni said was “lovely”.

Whilst there Charlie made a new friend, a friendly dog.

Charlie was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, the most high-grade brain tumour found in children when he was eight years old.

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He has undergone countless operations and even more hospital trips since to help rid him of this cancer.

Charlie flew to Mexico earlier this year in June for potentially life-saving cancer treatment in the form of Immunotherapy.

He has since flown back twice for two follow up scans.

The first on August 7 showed Charlie’s “cancer is stable meaning no growth since March” but details of the most recent scan are not yet known.

Both Charlie and Toni will be self-isolating for the next two weeks so Charlie will be home schooled during this time.

Toni revealed she is releasing a book called ‘Never Give Up’ which will focus on Charlie’s journey with cancer since he was diagnosed in 2015.

Toni said the book has been edited and now people are working on the publishing.

The book will be available on Amazon.