A RESIDENT from Earley has begun her own sweet and savoury treat business from home.

Ella Sandels, 20, from Earley, started O Heavens Bubble Waffles from her home on Friday, September 18.

The company serves waffles, served as a sweet treat or as a home-made pizza.

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Ms Sandels said: "I always wanted to own some sort of Cafe and I've always liked the idea of doing food markets, so I bought the equipment for it and I thought doing a delivery service would be a good start to earn money to go towards something bigger.

"I am a student so in the summer I had a lot of time on my hands to think about what I want to do in future - I was also furloughed from my part-time job and I was off from uni, so it gave me the time.

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"I get help from my boyfriend who helps out with deliveries and making the waffles, and he will help out more if we get busier.

"We launched the Instagram page last Friday (September 18), so we are still very new."

For more information on O Heavens, visit facebook.com/O-Heavens-117934326720046.