READING is divided on whether or not they would be happy for a second lockdown to be implemented.

With a national surge in Covid-19 cases, and further restrictions imposed only today (September 22), another lockdown could be on the horizon.

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But while a local on Twitter (@Monstersaurus) said: "If it saves lives, it's a no-brainer", not every resident would be so accepting.

Sandy Mundy said on Facebook: "Unless you've done a crime we're not meant to be cooped up like prisoners. I like my freedom".

Responding to The Chronicle's question 'Following a surge in cases, would you be happy for a second lockdown or not?' Miriam tweeted: "No thanks.

"Although the government should undertake a campaign to educate people how to wear a face mask!

"Not covering your nose, it's like not wearing a face mask."

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Paul Clark took a different view, adding: "It won't be a lock down, it’ll be restrictions. So stop panic buying loo roll", while Craig North said: "We did not have a first lockdown, we were just asked to work from home if we could and not visit others . Thousands still worked in all sectors."

Michael Todd said: "No, no lockdown please - I won't cope with another lockdown."