COVID-19 has created a need for many changes in the office as the nation has been at home for the last six months, either on furlough, working from home or out of work.

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Whilst this has presented many challenges, it's also opened up opportunities for people to approach their work and social lives in different ways - with online conferences, socially-distanced festivals and drive-through movies all popular over the last few months.

However, as we begin to reach the end of the year, and with less than 100 days until Christmas, many of us are beginning to think about how the new restrictions are likely to impact the ways we usually celebrate the festive season.

But how do we feel about workplace Christmas parties?

Protectivity has asked the UK how they feel about returning to work and about workplace events.

Reading Chronicle:

Image shows how different industries have responded returning to work.

The company found that almost one in six (15 per cent) of Brits are still intending to attend a workplace Christmas party this year despite restrictions on social gatherings.

Liverpool has the highest number of people looking to attend Christmas parties with more than a quarter (27 per cent) planning on getting in the festive spirit, followed by Norwich with 21 per cent.

Only 6 per cent of people in Edinburgh are planning to attend a work party - the lowest number of any city in the UK.

As a large town, Reading usually hosts a variety of Christmas parties during the festive season, but this year is shaping up to be different.

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When it comes to industry, finance and legal professionals are the ones most looking forward to getting on their glad-rags, with both industries seeing more than one in five (22 per cent) of people planning to attend Christmas parties.