More than a thousand residents have written to the council objecting to plans to build 260 homes at Reading Golf Club (RGC).

The 100-year-old golf club wants to develop 260 homes on part of its land in Caversham as well as a medical centre and public green space.

RGC has signed up developer Fairfax and housebuilder Redrow to deliver the family homes, which are planned at the south part of the site by Kidmore End Road.

But the plans have drawn swathes of astonishment and fury from residents, who say the homes will spoil the area and claim there is not enough infrastructure to cope with 260 extra families in the area.

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Some recent comments include:

  • “Absurd to destroy an area of outstanding beauty and an asset to the town”
  • “The town will live to regret it”
  • “Keep this great area great”

Some comments suggested a Third Thames Bridge is needed first before such a big new development north of the river, while others said there are not enough schools, surgeries or dentists in the area.

Another criticism is the impact on traffic, with residents saying traffic is already “horrendous” before adding hundreds of more private cars.

While the number of residents that have written to the council in support of the plans is substantial – around 110 on Thursday, September 17 – this is around 10 per cent of the 1,000+ negative comments.

Some of the positive comments come from young people living in the area or in other parts of Reading who are looking for housing and struggling to get onto the market, while others are from club members.

The application can be viewed here:

The numbers of critical responses follows on from a survey from Reading East MP Mat Rodda, which was completed by 1,700 residents and found that four in five were highly concerned about the plans.

RGC had criticised the MP’s survey as ‘misleading’ for its claims about open space but the number of comments sent into the council opposing the plans backs up his survey results. The MP has called for the Golf Club to withdraw the plans.

Opposition to the proposal is being led by Keep Emmer Green, a campaign group which says the development is ‘unsustainable and will take up local green space at the expense of everybody who already lives, works and goes to school here’.

They say the plan is the most objected to application in Reading Borough history.

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The club says the move was decided two years ago, is already underway and will provide certainty for the future for of the club as well as retaining employment for nearly 40 employees over two golf course sites.

Gary Stangoe, the General Manager of Reading Golf Club, said the sale of the land will bring clear benefits with "much sought after family and affordable housing with gardens, a new and exciting network of public walkways and cycleways, allotments, a country park area and soon to be announced additional leisure facilities.".

He added: "Most importantly, however, it addresses the clear concerns of residents regarding the provision of additional healthcare in the local area which would not be possible without the proceeds from development.

"Also having newly accessible swathes of green space to be enjoyed by the community is something that the club and it’s members are proud to leave as an appropriate legacy”.