TWO more Reading mums have been left 'really concerned' for their children's safety after they developed Covid-19 symptoms but cannot get a test.

More locals have reported problems with trying to get Covid-19 tests for either themselves or their children throughout the week, despite the government advising anyone with symptoms to isolate at home for two weeks unless a test result shows that they don't have the virus.

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But more and more people across the country have faced problems with trying to book a test, and some who had been offered one have had to travel far away to be tested.

A mother-of-two from Reading, who doesn't want to be identified, told The Chronicle she was facing this issue.

She said: "My 5-year-old son had a cough so the school asked us to get him tested and only bring him back if the test comes back negative.

"I understand that the school is being cautious for other children's safety, because I would expect the same from the school if one of the other children in my child's class had similar symptoms.

"I have been continuously trying to book the test since Monday morning [September 14] and nothing is available.

"Last night my daughter, 12, also developed similar symptoms.

"It's quite disappointing to see that no plan was put in place for this. The government should have seen this coming with the schools reopening.

"How can we send our children back to school when we can see that there are no arrangements for their tests if they are sent back with any of the symptoms?

"I am really concerned about their safety."

Reading Chronicle:

The message lots of parents have been given when trying to book their child a test

Dee Goodey, also from Reading, is desperate to get her vulnerable daughter a test.

She said: "My daughter, who has a medical disability and extreme anxiety, has been told to not go back to school.

"I turned up at Newbury Test centre after I had failed to get a test online and the test centre was empty.

"I am a key worker and I can not return to work.

"Plus if she does have the virus we need to inform people we have been in contact with."

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Reading Chronicle:

Yesterday, The Chronicle reported that Reading mum Lisa Digweed was unable to get her young daughter a test because she is under 18, despite the fact that she had symptoms of the illness.

This meant her daughter has had to miss more school just weeks after returning after months of lockdown.