FORMER prime minister Theresa May opened a hockey club's new Astroturf pitch last weekend and even scored the first goal.

Lady May opened Sonning Hockey Club's new pitch on Saturday (September 12).

She said: “It is great to be able to attend the opening of Sonning Hockey Club’s new Astroturf.

"This marks the culmination of many years of dedicated fundraising by the club.

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“I know how important sports, and especially hockey are for the local community and it is great to see this kind of local initiative taking place.

“Sonning Hockey Club is an important fixture of local life and I pay tribute to the tireless campaigning of so many to finally see this come to fruition."

World-leading hockey brand, Osaka World, have partnered with Sonning Hockey Club.

The new official partnership is Osaka World’s first in the UK.

The newly-announced sponsor will support Sonning Hockey Club for at least the next four seasons.

This major change has also helped Sonning Hockey Club attract financial advisor firm, Eight Wealth Management, to support the club as its new corporate sponsor.

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Osaka World was founded in 2011 with the intention of making hockey accessible to everyone – making it into a brand as well as a sport.

Osaka World have provided a new shirt for every female, male and junior member of the club, as well as creating a bespoke range of branded lifestyle wear for the club.

Eight Wealth Management will support the club alongside Osaka World, with their logo on playing shirts.

Eight Wealth Management have also gifted the club brand-new match-day goals for the new season.

Edward Butler, President of Sonning Hockey Club, said: “It is with great excitement then that Sonning Hockey Club is pleased to announce our partnership with Osaka World and Eight Wealth Management.

"These relationships are a significant boost to our progress as an inclusive club.

"It is with sincere gratitude that we thank Lady May for making the time to officially open our new Astroturf pitch.

"Her support as our MP is greatly appreciated.

“It is also of huge importance that we thank Berkshire County Sports Club.

"The Club’s tireless efforts to improve the facilities we enjoy reinforces our working relationship and friendship, and we hope it is our home for hockey for many years to come.”